7” Super Gutter

Super Gutters are heavy gauge aluminum extruded gutters with a rectangular shape coming in 7” Standard or Heavy. The 7” Standard Super Gutter is .90 thickness with a 4” face, and the 7” Heavy super gutter is .125 thickness with a 5” face. The product was originally designed to be the primary gutter for screen or pool enclosures around many households. These gutters are 4-5 times thicker and 20 times stronger than your average gutters. Meaning they can support the weight of pool or screen enclosures.

The product has 3 main functions: to keep the water away from the roof of the back, or side patio deck. Additionally, this effective product also supports the weight of screen enclosures. Most importantly, keep water from the wood fascia on the house. Which prevents the fascia from rotting giving a prolonged life for the roof structure. Another benefit that super gutters provide is preventing mold and leaves from gathering, decomposing, and staining your patio.

Not to mention, our Super gutters have been engineered with the many specifications and the proper installation to meet all the Florida Building Code demands for hurricane wild zone specifications.