How to keep up with maintenance of your screen enclosure

  • Clean out your super gutter once a month. Super gutters get clogged with leaves and debris causing your super gutter to over-flow and leak. We recommend cleaning out your super gutter once a month to allow the super gutter to fully function.
  • Keep your bushes/trees surrounding your screen enclosure trimmed and cleaned-cut. Not only can trees create sap and more bugs on your enclosure, the branches from trees and bushes can also start growing towards and into your enclosure causing them to poke holes throughout it.
  • Keep up with pressure washing your enclosure and using our tips on how and what to use to have a fresh, spotless piece of paradise! Enjoy lounging in the peace and serenity of your own backyard beauty screen enclosure without worrying about dirt, debris, and bugs getting in the way! During times of high pollen, rinse off pollen once a week to keep algae from forming. Preserve the look as when it was installed.
  • Recommended time to rescreen your enclosure is about every 7-10 years for Fiberglass and 15-20 years for Polyester Core (Ultra Screen). Don’t forget, with every full-rescreen of a screened roof screen enclosure, includes pressure washing of the beams, grooves, and deck at no additional cost!