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Screen Types & Selections:

Phifer's 18/14 Standard Mesh

- Offers good air ventilation 
- Will not rust, corrode or stain
- Excellent for large openings requiring extra strength


Standard_18-14_mesh.jpg (76719 bytes) No-See-Ums 20/20 Mesh

- Excellent protection from small insects 
- Provides daytime privacy
- Offers good outward visibility 
- Good ventilation

20-20_mesh_For_stopping_tiny_insects.jpg (80345 bytes)
Florida Glass
Glass-shield Vinyl-laminated fiberglass 18/14 mesh 

- Keeps debris out of enclosure areas 
- Functions as a privacy screen 
- For use  in lower enclosure panels

florida_glass__impenetrable.JPG (64462 bytes) White Sheerweave

- Functions as a privacy screen 

white_sheerweave__70_Shading.jpg (55793 bytes)
Charcoal SunScreen

- Sunscreen is a woven fiberglass product Unique ribbed weave is designed to block up to 70% of the sun’s heat and glare - Stops insects but will allow gentle breezes to enter 

- Offers good outward visibility and adds daytime privacy to your area

sun_screen_70_Shading.jpg (72198 bytes) 40-40 Super Solar Screen  

80% Shading

40-40_super_solar_screen__80_Shading.JPG (82606 bytes)
30-20 Mesh Solar Insect Screen 

65% Shading

30-20_mesh_solar_insect_screen____65_Shading.jpg (91874 bytes) Phifer PetScreen 

- Seven times stronger than regular insect screening 
- Resists damage by pets
- Offers good outward visibility


Phifer PetScreen  Pet-Resistant Insect Screening.jpg (206398 bytes)

- Tear & puncture resistant
- Stability from UV damage
- Mildew resistant 
- Screen that last & last

20-20_mesh_For_stopping_tiny_insects.jpg (80345 bytes)


Door Selections:

  • Authorized Suntech Door Distributor & Installer

    Click on the image below to go to Suntech Doors'  Web Site -- Review your selection and contact us for a quote!

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Other Upgrades & Options:

  • Capea

    In the past, homeowners had two choices for pool enclosures. Settle for an aluminum pool enclosure that does not complement the home's architecture, texture, and color, or invest in costly concrete block construction that takes several weeks, or even months, to complete.

    CÁPEA™ is different. This innovative pool enclosure system lets you match your enclosure to the color and style of your home quickly, easily and beautifully. Composed of high-grade architectural composite material, each CÁPEA™ is custom designed, built and installed with minimum mess and disruption.

    Whether you need a new pool enclosure or would like to enhance an existing one, a CÁPEA™ transformation can be completed in just a few days.

    09Upgrade_options_capea7.jpg (270221 bytes)  09Upgrade_Options-ASHE_Capea_001.jpg (194537 bytes)  09Upgrade_Options-ASHE_Capea_003.jpg (163173 bytes)

  • 7" Super Gutter's

    A SUPER GUTTER is a heavy guage aluminum extruded gutter with a rectangular shape that comes in 5" and 7" widths. The 5" is .080-.090 guage thick aluminum that is almost 1/10th of an inch thick. The 7 inch version is deeper and wider and is .125 guage which is 1/8th inch in thickness. SUPER GUTTER was originally designed to be the primary gutter where a screen enclosure or pool enclosure is located on a home. It is 4 to 5 times thicker and 20 times stronger than regular gutters to support the weight of the pool/screen enclosure. It has 3 main functions which are to keep the water from the roof off the back or side patio deck, support the weight of the screen enclosure, and most importantly keep water from contacting the wood fascia on the house. This prevents the fascia from rotting and prolongs the life of the roof structure. Another benefit, is that it keeps mold and leaves from gathering, decomposing and staining the patio. 

    SUPER GUTTER is actually a product that has been engineered with specifications and the proper installation meets all Florida Building Code requirements for hurricane wind zone specifications. It has recently in the last few years been installed on commercial buildings because it is so much stronger and more durable than house gutter or commercial box gutter.

09SuperGutter.jpg (31720 bytes)  09SuperGutters.jpg (38017 bytes)

  • We can do just about anything at A Certified Screen, from double door screen entry's, to extra width kick plates!!  Below are a few images of some of the extra's we can provide.

09Screen_Enclosure_With_Double_Doors.jpg (201562 bytes)  09Hand_Railing_in_Screen_walls.jpg (181255 bytes)  09Screen_Room_With_Kick_plate.jpg (222431 bytes)  09DoggyDoor.jpg (177004 bytes)

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