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6 Tips to buying a Swimming Pool Enclosure

Before you buy a swimming pool enclosure, ask yourself... a few simple questions. They'll help in making sure you get the best value from your pool enclosure.

Is it more important that it looks good, or that it performs well? The aesthetics of a pool enclosure are important, to a certain extent. As you've invested in a swimming pool, you don't want your enclosure to detract too much from the open-pool-feel. The enclosure has to function and perform well, if its to meet your expectations in delivering on its promised benefits of warmer water and saving energy.

A quick refresher on the key benefits of a swimming pool enclosure;

* Reduced heating costs
* Pool safety & security
* Year round swimming
* Maintenance free cleaning
* Reduced water evaporation
* Reduced chemical usage

WHY SCREENS FAILED Engineering, inspections inadequate

By TONY DORIS Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Florida's ubiquitous screen enclosures are tearing apart by the thousands in hurricane winds they are supposed to withstand.

That happened because engineers cut corners to make the structures cheaper and weaker. The problems get worse when contractors scrimp on screws and bracing called for in engineering plans and building inspectors don't know the difference.

An inquiry by The Palm Beach Post found Florida's screen enclosure industry torn apart by loose regulation and cutthroat competition, and it's costing homeowners millions. With insurance companies covering part of the loss, all homeowners pay through higher premiums. Read More!